2nd December

Ah, so good to be home again from a long day of shopping XD. I also cleaned my room yesterday, so I have a sore back and my legs can’t bend anymore XD.

Well, playing Pangya and just enjoying the vacation now =) I am trying to win the winter set for Arin, just have to play some rounds 😛

Not much feeling of winter here yet thou, since we here in Bergen have a big storm, and I am by the water and get it all in over me… it is weird that we haven’t blown away yet! I even saw that the bus I am taking when I am going home has blown off the road once O.o

But the Christmas feeling is here! That has been here almost since October XD No problem with that at all.

So! Here is the day’s Christmas memory! In Norway, we have a tradition of some movies that goes on TV the morning of the 24th, one of them is “Three nuts for Cinderella” A Czechian/German movie from the 70s, that is dubbed in Norwegian, with the same man voicing everyone! I like that one, but not so much really XD. But the other, that is based on a Norwgian play, “The travel to the Christmas star”, is one of my all time favorites, when I were young I even borrowed it from the library and watched it through the year XD I think my mom hated it.

It is about a Kingdom, where the King and the Queen is really kind, and they have a daughter that they love over eveything in the world. But she starts to want to see the Christmas star and  then the evil Count and the King’s brother fools her into believing that if she walks out into the night and gives the star her heart, it will become hers.

She leaves to look for it, and dissapears. Her mother runs into the forest to look for her, and never returns as well, as she is hit by thunder when the King curses the star and bans it from his kingdom.

Many years later a group of circus artists comes to the town, with a young girl named Sonja among them, and they are allowed to play for the King, that now hates Christmas. Sonja melts the King’s heart, and she tells him that she will leave and look for the Christmas star, as a story says that if the star returns, so will the princess. The movie then follows Sonja, as she is hunted by the Count as he don’t want her to find the princess. She is helped by a old witch, and she is able to meet Santa that wants to help her as well, as she is a kind person.

In the end she returns as she has found the star, but then she is tossed into the dungeon by the Count. She is then once more saved by the old witch that comes to tell the King that Sonja is his daughter, and that the circus artists found her while they traveled there years earlier. The castle holds a party, and later, as the party is over, the old witch comes back to talk to Sonja and the King, and by a kiss from Sonja, she changes form back into the Queen, as she had also been cursed by the Christmas star.

So all around a happy ending! =) I think I love this one so much because I love magic and witches! Maybe this movie might even be one of the reasons XD? I blame it on this movie, and also my love for the frog prince fairy tale and beauty and the beast XD

But I leave with my favorite song from this movie! It is a song that I had on repeat through the night when I were young, because that was the only song I needed to listen to through December!!


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