Cross stitch done!

(I suck at taking pictures XD)

I am finally done with the cross stitch I started with this summer! I feel really proud! I even used some time today to learn how to make french knots for the roses XD I am awsome=)

I have been so posessed to finish this lately so I haven’t been able to do anything else XD Now that I am done I will start to write and draw a little again. I have three more cross stitches lying around, but I don’t think I will start with them yet, one of them I might give to my mother, and another I already plan to start on this christmas. It will be so fun to sit in the living room, watch TV with my family, and just relax while working on it!=)

And under here is the one I am going to make for this Christmas=)


2 thoughts on “Cross stitch done!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! And I’m envious; 25 years of cross-stitching and I still haven’t mastered French knots. They just slip through, no matter how many times I try. I inevitably end up skipping them or stacking a couple of small stitches on the spot.

    • Thank you!! =) It happened with me in the start, then I understood that I were supposed to keep pulling at the thread on the needle, and don’t pull too hard when I pull it trough XD

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