What sort of Hero?

So, I have been watching a lot of the Tiger and Bunny anime now, and just have two episodes left! But I watch it and enjoy it a lot! I also want to try and write a short superhero story, so I wondered if someone might have ideas for me for characters=)

1. What sort of power would you have?

2. Your Superhero name?

3. Your background?

4. Your personality and morales?

When I watched this anime I found out something really amusing about myself. I love the heroes! The cheesyness and also the gentleness of all of them. They are people with hope, and I love hope a lot! ^-^ I also found out that I have one thing in common with Wild Tiger, to be so cheerful and carefree that the people around just might get enough of you in the long run XD

But, what I found out is, that dispite of all that, if I had superpowers, I would become a villain. Interesting right? Who would have thought XD?


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