W.I.P: Noin jacket almost done!

Well, i have been talking about making my own Noin costume for a long time, and now I have finally gotten started and am soon done! I got to do a lot on it in the summer vacation back home with my family, and it was really fun!

This is what I started with, I did my best to get all of it right, and when it was all put together the only problem I had is that I have a fair bosom XD But I didn’t really care, since Noin is a boy, and I have bought a lot of bandages to pull my chest in XD.

I also didn’t like the arms and collar on this, and I also decided to put on a lot more stuff to make it more special XD

Ah, the beginning, when it all seemed so difficult and the end seemed so far away!

Then I got the entire base gone trough summer vacation! Or most of it. Still didn’t have the collar or the arms finished, but I were really proud about the frills=)


































Well, this has been a post with a lot of pictures XD Ended up watching other things and didn’t get to write so much XD

Will put a brooch on the jabot, and then arrange the arms right! After that it is over to the top hat!!!


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