I don’t really know what this page is, but it is random XD. I think it is a site that tries to generate ideas, and like with this one under here, other people answers it too, and it is sort of a brainstorming. I like it XD


I find scary things interesting, so for me, abandoned buildings are both Cool and creepy. I like to take pictures of hallways and dark corners or draw pictures of said things, I guess I live in the hope that one day there will be something in the picture that isn't supposed to be there.

Old, abandoned buildings aren't like other buildings, they are old and have a story, and a part of that mysterious story is:

Why is it abandoned?

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8 thoughts on “Plinky

  1. Du burde bli mæ uppå Vallshotellet uppå Gålå, d æ nelagt får mange mange år sia. Oldemor mi arbeidde der å ho fortalde mange historio frå uppå der.. D ska visstnok spøke der. Oss ha vore uppå der fleir gångo, blant anna så vao Karo, Ragnhild, Håkon og Britt m en gång, kjempe spennande plass;)

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