My fingers hurts a little XD

I have been sewing like crazy XD I have the start of the jacket done now, but I can’t continue until I figure out how to expand it a little, since I were stupid enough to make it too small XD I will just cut up the back and add some more there, and then try and splice in more at the front XD

Don’t look that great yet, but I am really proud of the seams this far=) I have even made it look good on the inside now=)

But since I have to get more on the front, I have to take of the red ribbon I used, but I wonder if I should take a trip into town tomorrow (since it is comic day on outland) and buy some smaller ribbons at the fabric store.

I also started on the newest cross stitch yesterday, and it is so adorable! XD

I just love the colors on this! I haven’t made anything with this many colors before! It is also small, so it won’t that that much time, I just want to sit and work on it between exam work.

I have finished my bachelor about Kuchisake-Onna now, and I just have to get in this semester’s grammar before my exam XD

Wish me luck!


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