Cross Stitch frenzy!!

I love cross stitches! I have done them since I were young, and my mother has also done a lot of them. I even snuck myself to stitch on hers when I were to young to even understand how to follow the patterns XD

I watched movies when I were young and I stitched and just had fun! I even watched horror movies to relax when I did it XD. But I prefer to either watch crime or to listen to mystery theater from the radio when I do it, I have some old CBS mystery theater, and a lot of NRK radioteateret from Norway to listen to!

I am working on making a christmas calender now, but I don’t feel like doing it when it isn’t winter. And since easter was a time for crime and murder, I had to get some stitching done! I won four bidding rounds on ebay, with 1 dollar for each kit and then between 7-18 dollars for the shipping. But since none of them would arrive before easter was over, I had to go and buy here in Bergen. And I found out that the shop where I buy here has half price on the winter kits! I bought one that I worked on in the easter, and my friend got one of my old ones that were too confusing and small for me XD

Because of school work I didn’t get done, but I will try to do the rest soon ^-^ I have to try and make my jacket first now XD.

Then today I got the three things I won from one seller! The last one hasn’t come yet, but that was from another seller, and since it was cheaper I guess I didn’t pay for fast shipping XD But it is a really cute japanese girl, so I thought I could make it for one of my little nieces for christmas ^-^

I won’t get to start with them for a while, since I have the other one to do and I want to sew a little clothes too. But I have summer vacation in a month, and then I will do a lot! I wonder about asking my mother if she wants one too ^.^ She has done a lot of kniting lately, so since these ones have really big color patterns maybe she could do it ^-^

I even got a gift for buying these! So it was cheap, came fast, and I got a gift! It is butterfly magnets for my fridge!! *LA* love them!

Put them up earlier together with a pig I do not know how got to be on out fridge at all XD.

Today I will just relax and have fun! Will start sewing, since I had to use yesterday to figure out what parts went to each pattern from the book, and then I had to use my writing paper to make copies since I can’t cut them out from the book XD

And also, went to Bergen Akvarie a while back, and I bought a small kitty for my Kadaj plush! I have no name for him yet, but I am just waiting for the right one!


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