Your hopes and dreams

“I collect hopes and dreams!”

That is what I say each time I meet new people. Of course I don’t walk around on the street and do it. (Even though it would be really fun to see their buffled faces.)

I live in the middle of a wonderful and lively city! What city you might ask, and my answer would be: Every wonderful city!

At a special corner of your city I have my house, and if you ever find it you are welcome in. For tea or coffee, everything is free! The only thing I ask for back, is that you tell me your hopes and dreams.

I won’t say anything as stupid as I will make your dreams come true or fulfill your hopes and goals for you. No one can give you the life you want beside yourself.

I love humankind, but I hate humans that don’t work for their own future… they are eyesores!

So tell me your hopes for your future if you ever find a small tea shop in a corner you have never seen before. I won’t make your dreams or hopes come true, but I can give advices for you, and since I love all of you, I want to see your happy futures take form too!

I want a lot of new friends!

People to laugh and have fun with!

Let me listen to your hopes, and in the end some of you might help fulfill mine.

~ The dreams and hopes company ~


I am thinking of a new story to write, something that is not as dark and gloomy as what I have been writing lately. But I love that this lead character so far has become a hypocrite XD

I want to try and write a POV story again, I haven’t done that since I wrote Bakura and Ryou fanfics in my teenage years XD When I try to write POV I just usually stop after the first page because it is a little ackward for me, but I really want to try one! A limited view of the story, and the chance for the reader to see the stories completely trough one characters eyes and thoughts.


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