Once upon a time – chapter 1

This is the story that I mentiones earlier that I write on my iPad, I will post more if people like it ^.^ It is a little slow start, but it will start up a little in the next chapter XD The prologue is first, then follow the cut for the 1st chapter.




What was the first fairytale you ever read or heard? All parents tell them to their children when they grow up.

It is mostly brutal stories.  Some of them have moral, while some just tell of how cruel life can be. What is really amusing is that some of the fairytales can get twice as brutal as the things kids see on TV and in games these days, but it seems that parents finds it ok as long as it is considered culture.

It was in late winter that it all started to change, and the countdown to the day the world’s view of fairytales would change forever started.

Enter the small town of Noelle, a small town a long way from everything else. Most of the stuff that happened first happened here. Not to say that weird stuff didn’t happened other places at this time, but if all of it should be covered in this story and to the same detail, we would never get this over with.

Noelle has an elementary school, but above that the children have to leave the town to get to their schools, but at least they had some good contact with the outside world.

This story starts off in the late of winter, just some time after Christmas. The weather had been really bad for a long time already, and the people of the town were trying to cope with it as good as they could.

First the temperature dropped to a low that had never been witnessed in that town since it was founded in the early 1880s. Then the snow came, and even school was cancelled for the time being. People had to stay inside, and there was an increase in deaths of the elderly that was unable to get protected enough from the cold outside.

Then it all happened. Over one night the entire town’s fate was changed as it for one night completely faded away.

For one night the town was gone from our world. A family that had been out of town for the night and just came back could swear that it had been gone when they came back. In panic they alerted the next town, but when the police finally listened to them and came to inspect it, the town was there again.

The people in the town had been sleeping and it seemed that all of them had fallen asleep at the same time, and woken up at the same time.

But some things were not the same.

Some people were still missing, while some of the ones still there could vaguely remember things that happened when they were asleep.

And the only thing to show that the town had been gone was that the houses looked thorn and old when they returned. And even though the town was in the deep snow and in the biting cold, roses had started growing over the entire town, like it had been in a warmer place for a long time.

The mysteries of this day are hidden from all of them, and many people left the town after this for their own safety. But the ones that remained to figure out the mysteries of this day, will not be disappointed.

But the truth might change their lives even further than living in Noelle already has.

1st Chapter – The roses of our lives


Laurant Grimm’s favorite fairytale was the tale of snow white, but just because he in his childhood had had a morbid fascination with death, and also revenge.

So when a web search on Wikipedia had allowed him to find out that the real story ended with Snow White forcing her stepmother to dance to her death in heated iron shoes, he had felt his morbid little heart sing!

When he got older it all really didn’t matter anymore, he found that the real world was even scarier than the fairytales, and he got tired and scared by humans instead. Then he decided that he had enough, and wanted to show everyone just how terrible the world was! But he still couldn’t think of starting anything else before he had been able to find out just what had happened in his childhood.

But he had always been a patient man, and since he had already waited five years, he didn’t mind taking it slow either. And he really enjoyed being back in his old town, it was a lot more calming to him than the big town his mother had moved them to.

“So, is there a job I can get at the newspaper in this town then?” Laurant asks, as he had been sitting in the office with his aunt in silence for a long time. His Aunt Aurora was his mother’s sister, and she hadn’t wanted to move together with the rest of the family. She has a young daughter also, that had adored him since he could remember.

“I’m just the chief of police Laurant, I can’t just force them to take you in you know? And it seems they have already hired in another person for the job that I mentioned for you…”

“Oh, I guess I can just look for another job then.” He sighs, as he looks out of the window of the police station. He really didn’t care about what to do right now in his life. He could do anything as long as he could find out what had happened all those years ago. He had himself lost more than one important thing that time, and all so fast.

The streets of Noelle were empty now, as most were either at work or at school. Laurant look over the buildings around the small center of the town. Some of them still looked really run down after the accident, since the people that lived there had either moved… Or never came back at all.

But what took his gaze away in the end, was the deep black rose that stood in the middle of the square. It was the only rose with such a dark color, and for some reason, he had always looked after it before they moved. He had never understood why, but it was also one of the things he wanted to get to the bottom of.

“I heard that they might want some help at the storage at the convenience store. Want to try that out.” She asks, as she saw that Laurant had started to drift off from their talk again. She had taken care of him a lot while he grew up, and even before that day he had been really distant. But he had always been a really nice boy, so she never cared about it.

“Think I will get well paid?” He laughs, before he gets up from the chair. “I’ll go and ask Jones then, I guess a work at his place is better than taking care of you.”

“I can take care of myself good enough you brat!” She laughs, as he walks off. Aurora had never married, and she had raised her daughter alone. But she had never given up, and she had decided that she never would. Now she was one of the most powerful people in the town, and she would probably never leave it now. She felt too old to ever live another place anyway.

“Hey boss, who just left?”

She turns to look at the man that came in. He was an old man, and she could swear that she had never really seen him younger than he looked now. Gordon had been the chief of the police in the town before she had taken over, now he was more like a deputy, or more like just a decoration that would never go away. She had decided to let him be since he made one hell of a coffee.

“It was my nephew. He asked if I knew of some job for him.” She explains, as she looks over the reports she had written after the last case she had. It was almost two weeks ago, but she hadn’t bothered with it before now. She believed in taking her sweet time when she could.

“That little bugger is back in town? Aw, how old is the little brat now?” He laughs, as he looks through her drawers for the donuts he knew she had there. “I remember the little boy crying in your arms each time I came close to him!”

“Laurant is 23 years old Gordon and he ran screaming when he was a kid because you smelled of whisky and said you would eat him for breakfast.”

“Ah, I love playing with kids.”

“Remind me again why I let you take care of Emma each Friday.” She sighs tired, as she finds her stored away donut and start eating it before he had a chance to take it from her.

“Because no one else wants to take care of the little devil while you are out dating.” He laughs, as he leans back in the chair, and before she can stutter forth anything over that remark, he had already fallen asleep.

“Honestly! Calling my little baby for a little devil!” She complains, before she starts to look over the newest cases that Gordon had come with.

A UFO sighting? Nothing weird with that. In that town it would be looked at weird if they didn’t get their weekly alien hysteria. A year earlier the town had been in panic because no one had seen the aliens! The fanatics meant that it meant the aliens had finally invaded and everyone were disguised as humans now.

Then there was the usual weird stuff (for Aurora, alien reports did not involve the weird ones anymore.)

Some of the kids had claimed to have seen a body in the forest, but when Gordon had checked it, there were nothing there, so he reported it as the newest prank from the Tera siblings. Gay and Tabitha Tera were two orphans living in the town. They were under the care of mostly everyone, since their parents had been gone since the day five years earlier. Gay was a nervous guy, and the oldest of them with 17 years. He was always really reserved, but if you were someone he knew, he would subject you to a lot of terrible or funny pranks. His record for being a bother was the time he had mobilized all the kids in town to march against the adults for not allowing the kids to use internet, since some of the older ones thought it was the work of the devil and his minions.

Gay ended the march before the retirement home, where he and his companions burned a life-size scarecrow made in the image of then town mayor Lucia Brown. She retired and moved to the retirement home shortly after, and the kids were allowed to get their world wide web.

But Gay was really a nice kid, and he often took care of Emma for her.

Tabitha was entirely different from her brother. She had dyed her hair blonde right after she started at High School in the bigger town, and she mostly hung out with the popular kids in town, or the ones outside it. And she could now and again be gone for a whole week if she got bored of the small town. She now and again did seem a little mean to her brother, but no one really believed her cold act towards him after the time he had had an accident.

He had fallen down one of the cliffs in the forest, and since no one knew where he was the entire town had started searching for him. Everyone had seen that Tabitha had been terrified for him, and she had been beside him in the hospital until he had finally woken up a week later.

Aurora looks through the rest of the papers, and the other cases were a man that claimed to have seen a werewolf, and also a man that claimed to have seen a beautiful witch with long blue hair by the border of the darkest forest.

“God!!! Why can’t I just have one day in this town that is normal?! Give me something I can do something about!” She yells as she smacks her head hard into the table.

“I doubt you live in the right town for that.” Aurora looks tired up, and gives a smile to the man that came walking, with her sleeping six year old on his shoulder.

“Oh, did she make a racket again?” She asks embarrassed, as he places the young girl on the couch.

“Yeah, she said that she wanted to talk to her cousin.” He sighs, as he wraps his arms around his fiancé, and lean against the crock of her neck. “The guy has to be something, she hasn’t met him since she was three, and she still loves him more than me that am her stepfather.”

“I’m so sorry Leon. I just don’t understand why she has been so weird lately.” Aurora whispers, as she leans back in his hold, her gaze at her estranged daughter. One year ago she had finally gotten engaged with her lover for two years, and it had never seemed that Emma had anything against him, but one month after she had become strange. She would yell for her father during nights, and now and again she would… she would seem like an entirely different person!

“I bet it is just nerves! Her mother is getting married to a handsome rascal after all.” He laughs, and Aurora relaxes a little. It was probably right, for Emma that never had a father figure, it couldn’t be easy to just adapt to one overnight.

But she didn’t like the thought over what she would have to do if it never became better. They had already gotten advice from Leon’s mother to try a shrink. But that horrid woman also talked about sending Emma away if they ever got their own children. She claimed that to keep a bastard child close to pure and real children would be bad. She had tossed the bitch out of the house under the threat of police custody and jail for the night. “Let it all just be. She will be ok… She has you as her mother after all.”

Aurora nods, as she just finds rest in his embrace, but then the door opens again and she jerk forward as she sees Laurant come in, and she hits the confused Leon’s nose hard in the process.

“Ah, sorry for disturbing! I just thought I should tell that I got the job, my old classmate owns it so it was no problem at all!” he laughs a little nervous. He should have either just called or knocked first. He felt like he had just killed a really good moment.

“No problem at all!” Aurora yells, as she almost pushes the confused Leon over. “This is Leon, my fiancé! This is Laurant, my older sister’s son!”

“Nice to meet you.” Leon laughs, as he finally got out of the hurricane Aurora’s path, and he shakes Laurant’s hand exited. “I have heard a lot about you from Emma, she haven’t talked about anyone else for weeks.”

“Really? That is really sweet, I were sure she would have forgotten all about me ages ago.” Laurant laughs, before he takes a better look at him. “You live here in town?”

“Yeah, I moved here three year ago.” He answers, as he looks a little nervous at him. He was watching him with an iron gaze. Like he could see right through him, and his eyes were really special, a deep violet color, It had to be a family thing, since Emma had them too. “Why?”

“Ah, nothing, I just thought I had seen you somewhere before, must be my imagination.” Laurant gives a warm smile to him, as he shakes his hand back. “I guess congratulations are in order Aurora! I didn’t even know you were engaged!”

“You didn’t? But I sent a wedding invitation to your mom…”

“I really haven’t talked much with her lately.  She didn’t want me to move back here at all…” Laurant takes a break from his reasons, before he looks at the cases that Aurora had placed over the desk. “I guess you get a lot of fun cases here still?”

“Yeah, I swear that the day I can take down Gordon’s moonshine business it will all calm down.” She groans, as she had to think about it all again. “I’ll take Emma home, can you watch over the place till Gordon wakes up Laurant?”

“No problem at all, try and rest a little too while you are home, ok? You look really tired.”

“I will.” she sigh, as she takes her daughter in her embrace, and Leon help her into the car, and they soon drive home, leaving Laurant alone just like he wanted it.

As he was sure that the place was closed up, he quickly looks through the files on the table to see if there was anything interesting there. He had thought about the alien reports earlier, but he had found out that it was just a military base not long from the town. It was just that a lot of the town’s drunks had never bothered believing it was there. They just thought the alien stories sounded better than a military base.

But the werewolf case and the witch in the forest was something else. Certainly the witch, since he had a feeling he had heard about the woman described there before:

Long curly blue hair, a fair and death pale face with no make-up at all. With deep golden eyes that shone through the darkness if she looked towards you. And a cold stare that made you feel like just a bug before her.

He had seen a person like that before, together with his friends the night before the town and its people lost an entire day. After that he really couldn’t remember much. That night he couldn’t remember falling asleep, not even getting home, but he still woke up in his home, but everything was already changed around.

“The border to the old forest…” He echoes for himself, as he tries to remember where it was. The kids had never been allowed close after Gay had fallen, so he hadn’t really been there for a long, long time.


Laurant almost jumps away in a reflex to protect himself, but he relaxes again, as he sees that it was only Gordon holding up a map for him.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Since the lover boy came over, I didn’t want to ruin the moment like you did, and pretended to keep sleeping.” He laughs, as he looks through the file that he had taken up. “It is one from the Stockley family that saw her. They live close to the border, about here.” He marks of the place on the map, and Laurant takes it thankful. “Since she won’t look into it anyway you can spend your time with it as you wish.”

“Thank you Gordy.” He laughs, as he leaves the office. Since he had been left alone a lot he had usually spent his days at the police office with his aunt, Gordon and the man that had worked there at the time. Nathan Wellington had been the senior police officer, and had been Aurora’s senior at the academy. But seven years earlier he had just left, and Aurora had taken over the office after him.

Laurant stops tired out in the street, as he looks up at the blue skies. Why did he keep thinking about that guy all the time? He had been sort of an idol for him hadn’t he? Nathan had always wanted to become a journalist too, but he thought he were too late to start. Then he had just disappeared.

Before Laurant had been able to think over where he was going, he found himself before the dark red rose that grew out from the old well in the middle of the town.

He swore that it became darker and darker for each time he saw it. Now it almost looked black.

He sits down on his knees before it, and look at the small threads that had gotten tied on so it wouldn’t fall over and break. Then he notices that there were more on there. Someone had written something on small notes and hung there? That was something new.

“Ah! You aren’t allowed to read that!” Someone yells terrified, and the confused Laurant is hit over by someone.

“What the hell Gay! If you write a diary you are supposed to keep it from plain view!” Laurant yells, as he forces the almost sobbing Gay away from himself.

“That is the wishes of the kids in the town! Did you never make one Laurant?” He complains, as he quickly wraps his own better up around the rose. It was an unspoken rule among the kids there, that no one read the wishes of the others!

“I left when this rose had just grown up, I never even heard about the wish thing, who made it up?” Laurant asks, as he pulls Gay back to his feet.

“I don’t know. Some of the kids just suddenly started with it.” He answers, as he looks curious at the police files his old friend was holding. “What are you doing? Did you steal from your aunt?”

“Yeah, want to become my accomplice?” Laurant asks, as he lets the nervous Gay read over the report of the woman seen in the forest. “I thought you would be overjoyed!”

“Let us get going!” Gay cheers, and Laurant is a little shocked, as the youth pulls him off towards the forest before his sister could catch up to them. “Do you think we will find her this time? And do you think she will recognize us?”

“Come on, I can’t know everything you big baby.” Laurant sighs, as he takes a last look back at the rose. Gay was still a hopeless romantic wasn’t he, to make a wish like that?




“Who was the guy that pulled the whimp away?” The curious boy asks, as they had watched the older boys leave from afar.

“I think it was that Laurant guy, I heard Aurora say that her nephew was moving back into town.” The girl beside him says. “You remember him, right Danny? He moved away five years ago, but she said that he used to babysit you and Julius from time to time.”

“Hm, I’m not sure, maybe it will come to me later.” He whispers, as he looks thoughtful after them. “Where do you think they are going?”

“Who knows?” She laughs, before she stretch good. Monica was the daughter of the richest man in town, but still she hung out with Danny, Julius and Trevor, the resident brat gang. Since it was a little town they really couldn’t do much there, and they spent most days staring at others go by, while they just looked forward to high school and the promise of being able to make a bigger racket. “Should we follow them?”

“And what would we get from that?” Danny complains, as he looks over the town, a bored look in his eyes as he looked at the square rose. Most of the people in town loved the roses, but he hated them! He overlooked most of them, but the darker ones gave him the creeps! Especially the one in the square, and one in the forest, that was the one of them closest to blood red. For some reason, they felt really eerie.

“Maybe they are doing something fun! Let us go!” Monica yells, and Julius and Trevor just looks confused after, as their idol and Queen pulls their biggest competition away towards the forest.

“Ah!! Wait for us!”

The four of them run into the forest, none of them caring about the man that walked out into the street behind them. He was dressed in too warm clothes for the weather, and he wore a hat to cover a little from the sun, but it really wasn’t good enough to cover his face. Yet there was no chance to see it, as a haze seemed to cover it entirely.

He looks over the notes on the flower, before he picks all of them up and stick them in his pocket. Then he get up, and start to walk back to the forest border, but he stop as he can hear someone yell from the house beside him, then screaming, as the couple in the house were at it once again.

Jack and Terri Scarlett had been married for most of their lives. Terri had gotten pregnant at the age of 16, and Jack had done her the honor of marrying her. But now, 20 years later, there was no love lost between them. Their son had fled the town the first chance he got, and now they had ended up with more mouths in the house than they could feed. And this morning, it seemed that Jack had had enough.

The quarrel was about the loss of their two children, who Terri had just tucked into bed the night before. But their poor children were gone now, and her husband did not want to tell her where they were! They were here little angels! How could he have taken them away from her!?

The faceless man look down at the wishes he had collected and he takes time to read one of the wishes:

‘We are unhappy! Daddy is mean and he is making mommy cry, and he made our big brother leave! We wish to make daddy go away!’

He lifts his head up again, and a sound like a sigh can be heard from his empty void of a face. Then the small note catches fire, and two of the five roses under the window of the Scarlett family turn darker.

“Slowly and steady… Your wish will come true, and your family will never be the same again.” Is what can be heard from the void of this man’s face, before he glides away from the window, and into the deep darkness of the forest.

Four years earlier one of the kids had suddenly wished before the black rose in the town center, and the day after his wish had been fulfilled. Then the other kids also started to wish, and sometimes, the wishes seemed to be granted. But all the time, the wishes would be gone a few days later like if someone had picked them up.

All but one…

For five years now, one wish had never been moved. It had been made by a hopeful boy, who had even wrapped it up in plastic to survive the bad weather.

What stood on it was short and not really easy for anyone to understand, but it was the most genuine and pure wish that had been made. And the granter of wishes could never touch it, since there was no evil he could do with it.

‘I don’t want to be a bother or anything, but if anyone were to read this… If you ever see a woman with blue hair and beautiful yellow eyes, Say hi to her, I don’t know why, but I feel that she is really lonely…so please… Just make her happy!’

In the dark the town seemed forsaken, as the dark form appears above the rose and soon it gained the weak form of a woman.

Her hair was dark blue, and her eyes yellow. She had been seen in that town for many years and all of the ones that had seen her spoke of her as beautiful, and with a cold gaze that would look through you like you were not even there.

She looks coldly at the rose that had caused so many problems for her through the years, before she hold her hand over it, and a dark violet energy glows around it, as the rose turns darker, a petal falling to the ground.

“For each murder, a new part of your life will fade, my dear friend…” She whispers, before she removes her hand. “It is so sad, that no one here treasure the roses of life that I grew for all of you.”

A door opens, and a furious man runs out into the night and towards the forest. But the night street was empty once more, as the ghostly form of the blue haired woman were gone. But the night was not over yet, as it was building up for a real storm…




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