Playing: Final Fantasy 4 XD

I feel a little ashamed to admit that I have not played Final Fantasy 4 before… I have it and 5 for playstation in a double feature, and I did start it, but being a teenager and also really shallow, I lost interest when I saw that the lead character was just a scary guy in a armor.

This is Cecil Harvey, the leader of the Red Wings and a Dark Knight. He might look really scary, but he is acctaully a really nice guy. If you look away from the part that he in the start of the game came back from maybe slaughtering a few defencless mages and then steal their crystal, but he just followed his orders from the man that raised him, and he thought it was a just reason behind it. But then he by himself betrays his Country, to protect a little girl he himself was the reason for loosing her mother. He fights for what he feels is right, without thinking about his own life or consequences for his future.

I were fresh off from Final Fantasy 7 and 8, and being a teenage girl, this scary looking guy did not appeal to me. (I’m stupid…) But I am playing the game now, and even thought it reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy 9, I love the story! It is basic and I love the old Fantasy feeling it gives, something I also loved a lot from FF9. The lines feels dramatic and weird at times, but that is what oldtime RPG games should have! It just adds to the feeling! (“You spoony bard!!!)

And if I as a teenager had continued, I would have had a jaw drop when Cecil had a job change XD

I played Dissidia and also watched the artwork of him from Dissdia 2, and of main characters in the Final Fantasy line, he is acctually the most beautiful one, if you think of it from  a more female point of view. He even wears lip-stick for gods sake!! He is one of the only times I have seen a man look this womanly and still be as manly as they come!

I really liked using him in dissidia, but I still can’t get a hold of his ex mode, I were sitting with my cousin and just staring when I used it the first time, and was something like this: O.O No!! Cecil is having a freak out!!! Or a seizure!!

But I love his relationship with Golbez in Dissidia XD Istill haven’t finished ff4, but the biggest thing was sort of spoiled for me since Dissidia already told me that Cecil and Golbez were brothers. But Cecil… I think you suddenly got a big brother complex… you should get that fixed.

The big reveal in FF4 is that the evil bad guy is Cecil’s big brother, who left him to die as a baby since he had been controlled by a evil Lunarian to think that Cecil were the reason their mother died. Golbez then went on to be controlled for great evil, and he don’t recognize Cecil as his brother before he becomes a Paladin and Golbez can see his face.

Now this is where I am having a lot of fun! First we hear from another Lunarian that Cecil looks like his father when he was young, and it is also later said that Golbez also looks a lot like his father (Not sure where this is said, I read it on FF4 wiki) Then it all goes weird, since the King of Baron, who took Cecil in, recognize him as his mother’s son by how he looked (as a baby mind you… ) so like his mother. So… either Cecil looked like his mother as a baby… or he looks like both his mother and his father?! Is this why both Cecil and Golbez has white hair O.o? But I think it is funny that it is said that Golbez looks like their father and Cecil their mother XD.

I also noticed that both the plot and the world is realy simillar to Final Fantasy 9. The mist comes up now and again, they have simillar flying ships. And then comes the plot of finding out the lead character is from another place than the rest, and also that his sworn enemy is his own big brother. And then you fight someone else than you thought you would in the end XD

Maybe FF9 is the future for the FF4 world? Even the name Eidolons are kept for the summons! And It is said that the Lunarians are sleeping, while on Terra in FF9 the race that the genomes were said to have been build to take in the souls of have been resting for centuries. For Kuja, Zidane and Mikoto to be decendants of Golbez or Cecil does sound interesting XD

Yeah, I am just reaching for stuff here, it is really fun.

But before I end this post, I will just share a link to something really funny! After I played Dissida I started to looks around for stuff on deviantart, and I found a fan comic based on dissidia with inspiration from fairytales, and it is glorious!! It even made me like The Warrior of Light! Who is Snow Light by the way XD Cecil is Cecilrella XD

Dissidialand intro

Just click next for next page, there is a lot of pages here! And the artist really knows her final fantasy! She is all the way up to FF10 now, and Tidus is the little mermaid XD

Go to the gallery if you want to see more, she also have side interviews made by Barts on each character and a few normal dissidia based comics and pictures ^-^.







Oh! And Kain… screw you and your backstabbing!



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