iPad! ^-^ and my first death threat XD

Well, I should feel ashamed over this, but I am not! I just think of it as money well spent that one day will result in a funny story to tell XD (Not talking about buying the iPad! Will come to it later XD)

I thought that for 40 NKR extra I would get a inscription, so I looked over the net to look for a good quote or something to use. I ended up with a quote from Good Omens said by Death: DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.

For a quote on the back of the iPad I thought it would be really good looking, but I wasn’t sure, so either I would get it on the iPad, or I would get the best death threath EVER!





I got the best Death threath ever XD I want to see the face of the people that put all this together! A gift wrapping of a iPad with a really scary quote that can suggest that someone is dying before a lot of others XD I hope I won’t get special squads at my door or something XD

I have acctually never seen a iPad in real life, so I didn’t think it was this big XD I love it! I saw the size on the outside of the box, and with shaking hands I pulled it up and hoped it would be as big as it looked!

And It was!! Yay ^-^. I will use this thing for so much! Read (normal and rated XD) I will write on it! Draw when I get my pogo stylus from ebay. I will try a few games on it, but I think I will mostly listen to music and play games on the iPod still ^.^And I will try to find good ways of study my Japanese on it ^.^

Everything is fun now!! Just have to restart my computer so I can start putting things over on it ^.^


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