Back in Bergen!

Got back to Bergen last evening. I had to sit in a train for almost 13 hours from home to Bergen, it was a long… long trip!

Then I got home and could hug Hanne again! ^-^ All is well that ends well XD

Today I got a sudden urge to clean my room and stuff, but I had to go to the shop, and each time I want to clean and then do something else, I loose the drive to do it. But I did something smart this time! I took all in one of my bookshelves out and threw it unto the floor! Then I had to clean it XD

So now my room is cleaned, and I even looked through my manga and movies! Now I have in my shelves, and everything is ok ^.^


Other than that I have now ordered a iPad XD It is a little weird, I am really happy and am looking forward to it arriving, but when I got my Ipod, I were just really happy, and now that I am waiting for a Ipad, I acctually feel a little guilty XD I feel my dignity die a little each time I buy a apple product XP.

I also ordered a pongo stylus, and will use it to draw on my new ipad when it comes ^.^ I will buy a Dagi Stylus and try that when I get more money again XD Now I am taking good care of the rest of my money ^-^

First school day tomorrow, but just a information meeting, after that I won’t start before monday, so I will try my best again from then =)

Oh, if I didn’t do it wrong, I will have a inscription on the back of my iPad XD I’ll screencap it later XD



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