A late Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

I haven’t posted for a while now since I have had mean and evil exams, and after that I went home to my family for the Christmas for some well earned rest.

I really haven’t done much in my vacation, I usually don’t do anything when I am back in my hometown anymore. I just sit trough the days and watch TV with my mom and brother.

I’m soon going back to school, and it seems we will have to send in the application soon for going to study abroad in Japan ^.^ I just hope I have good enough grades for it, or I will study really lonely for  the last year…

I had a good Christmas. Some mess ups the 24th of December kind of derstroyed at lot, like that we weren’t able to see the kids meet Santa and stuff like that. But I guess it worked out in the end. I gave my nephew a set of hollow Ichigo masks, and he were overjoyed XD.

So I want to say to everyone: a really Merry late Christmas!

And a happy new year! For the year to come I will try to do a lot more! I will try to get better in Japanese, and I will try to do a lot more on all my small projects!

I want to make a small prototype for my Visual novel game, maybe some animated backgrounds to make screenshots off, and a lot more of the character art! I will also try to find someone to make music and sounds for me, since I aren’t able to find the music I want on the novelty free sites.

I will draw more of my comics, and also try to review some more stuff really bad like I always do XD.

I have also seen the entire Shiki anime now, and I might one day write a small review of my views of the series as a whole and the ending.

I also plan to buy more doujinshies, and a lot of Sound Horizon CD’s, and I am looking forward to the release of the newest concert! It will be great and see if the songs will play out like I imagined as I listened to them! (For nine hours XD My trip from Bergen to my home town XD I were so proud over the fact that I understood a lot of  it!)

So, see you all later in the new year!! ^.^


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