The Troll Hunter

Today I went to see the movie “The Troll Hunter” In the theaters in Bergen.

I have to say that I was looking forward for someone to make something like this! I have been a big fan of fairytales and stuff like that since I were a kid! The first story I could remember was the story of the The Three Billy-Goats Gruff that my father read to me as a child. (I even played the middle goat at the school christmas parties when I were little XD)

But over time I think a lot of people have forgotten all the stuff that is here in Norway! We have a lot of scarier stuff than a lot of other contries!

We have the giant trolls of course, that varies from one head to three and the size of a gate and to the size of mountains. And I have to say that our trolls are a lot better than what movies like Troll offers! Those are nothing against our ones!

<— From the Movie Troll. out of all the movies to follow, this was the best one…

A Norwegian forest troll, if you see how small the trees looks, imagine just how big he is…——>


I grew up with a lot of magical creatures around me! The stories tells of Hulders, Nøkken, Nisser and draugen. We have a lot of great creatures for stories, but it is so long since there really was much of it in modern movies and things like that! But I hope that with the new movie a lot of old creatures will start to appear again!

And even if the Troll’s in the movie is scary, Nøkken(Neck) and Draugrs is twice as scary! I think I don’t know of anyone that haven’t been scared by the picture of Nøkken! It is iconic for scary in Norway! (And condoms…)

This creature have haunted my nightmares since I were a kid! You don’t see much of him, but it is scary! Nøkken just wants to pull you to your death! And if you don’t come to him, he will pretend to be a horse and if you sit on him, he will jump into the bog with you.

The Draugr is the same as a undead. There are two versions, one that roams the sea to warn of dangers or take boats to their deaths, or the ones on land, that was often the corpses of kings and people with great richess that remained to keep their treasures from others.

If you see the Draugr at sea, there is not much chance to survive, as they will come after you.

Well, the movie was great! I love the animation of the Trolls, and Otto Jespersen is awsome as the hunter! And to have three great comedians in one movie that also had Gubrandsdalen and trolls? How can you get better than that?!

I won’t spoil the movie, I’ll just say that you should watch it if it comes to a theater near you =)

And for National Novel Writing Month I am writing a story based on Norwegian farytales and stories, so it will be really fun to get it done in time! ^.^




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