A few interesting things… and the end of the world apparently…

Firstly it seems like the end is comming… No, I mean it, we suddenly had snow early here in Bergen, and it was really fun! I was happy ^.^ But then we had a sudden thunder storm! Serious! We had lightning and thunder! And snow!

It was really fun XD

(Ooh XD Look at all the snow and the dark thunder clouds in the distance…no, wait… what?)

Then this weekend we had more fun here in Bergen! Some students from my class arranged the Japan Day, a event to make people more aware of Japan and all the awsome that Japan is XD I didn’t help arranging the day, but I vouleentered to help on the day itself! I had clothes corner and play corner XD (I sat most of the day and folded Origami and helping others with it even if I had just seconds before learned to make the crane XD)








(My first two cranes XD)                                        (A wolfman, because the ones that was there folding at first is awsome!)

But I were the first half in the clothes corner, where one of my sensei’s were helping people put on yukatas that they could walk around in for a little to take pictures ^.^ I were guarding the fashion stash that some of the others had bought so people could look over XD Found a article about Sound Horizon I wanted to steal … wants the new concert XD

Other than that there was a cosplay cafe, where Ichiban (I think) sushi resturant had given us sushi to give out to the costumers ^.^ and a lot of Manga had been placed there so people could watch and enjoy while eating sushi and tasting the tea that was being made by the tea ceremony guys ^.^

There was a corner for the japanese language, and one for calliography, where you could get your name written in kanji. And there was a lot going on in the gym, where two sumo suits had been rented so people could come and wear them and wrestle ^.^ there was also karate and kendo clubs present to show off their stuff ^.^

Overall it was a really fun day =)

We had some people comming and going trough the day, and a few of cosplayers walked around there too ^.^ I think Bergen have a cosplay club or something that got their own table by the stairs =)



And yes, I think that is the cookie monsterXD







And the happy people over at the Japanese history and information booth! It is a good thing that everyone are so nice here =)






Over at the playing table, where they folded a lot of origami XD Some awsome, and some creations that failed at life 😛





And the other side of the table, where some old japanese toys and games were shown. almost all of those air balls were blown appart before the day was over, one survived!!

And in the background sensei is helping someone with a yukata ^.^

And over to the fashion and clothes department! Yukata fitting in the background, and a lot of fashion magazines on the table XD

I started there that day, it was a little fun to sit there and talk about fashion that I don’t know much about XD But I know a little about music and gothic lolita XD



The writing table ^.^                                                                     The cosplay cafe, that gave out pocky, mochi and sushi XD

The Nihongo (japnese) table.                                                             Tea ceremony table, where the tea for the cafe was made by experts (I think XD)

The sumo arena, I think it was a big hit XD                         And the people from the Kendo club suddenly started fighting to promote themselves XD

Well, all from me for now, Halloween is closing in and I am trying to make a halloween chibi picture XD

BYE =)





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