Damn Filler material animes!!

I haven’t posted for a little now, have a free week. Just wanted to say it so people don’t think I have fallen prey to a army of spiders.

Well, first to mention what is awsome! The Grell scenes in the anime is always glorious! But Sebastian is getting meaner! (I think he felt bad and set up some tea… but still mean!)

But it was really mean of him this time! He got Grell’s hope up, and then thrashed them! First Sebastian is acctually really nice and arranges some afternoon tea for Grell.

(Of course he puts salt in it! I am happy he did, or I would suspect that Sebastian had hit his head or something bad…)

It seems that Grell has started taking photo’s so the rest of the episode is a angry Sebastian doing fanservice for Grell in order for him to take things he can not.

Then in the next episode, Sebastian is too cruel! Don’t take your hate out on innocent bystanders!!!

First, Sebastian pulls in Grell closer:

(Wah! I just can’t come over how cute Grell looks in this picture! The look on his face is adorable!)

Then he lifts him up bridal style!:

(Note how Sebastian’s face says: Yeah, I know I am good, I always get this reaction from people.)

Ok, by this point we all know what is going to happen, but Grell don’t! And he looks so happy! Wah!!! Stupid Sebastian then does this!:

He throws him trough a exploding door! T-T It is all so mean…

On other notes, the last episode came out last night, and is already subbed. I won’t spoil what happens, but I think that the anime script writing has been taken over by a Sebastian and Ciel fangirl…

But I am looking forward to the OVA at least… and the last ep did have a few seconds long scene with Sebastian giving the three shinigami’s tea…

Poor Grell is bored XD But I really hope there is no salt in the tea…

And other than that I drew a picture ^.^ Of woman Grell XD Yay!


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