WIP – Noin Celestine 1

Well, I am working hard! (not true :P)

First I cut out all the parts I needed. I were so afraid that I had cut something wrong, since the fabric isn’t the same texture on each side.

(The pattern is for four different kinds, I will go with the A and B since that is the women size :P)

(Everything is cut out and ready to go!)

I cut out everything last night, and started to sew today (When it was saturday :P) and my fingers are so red and hurting! Gah I need some protection! the fabric is so hard to get the needle trough!

But I worked hard and now the form is done XD

I decided to make it look a little better than I usually do, and I have arranged the borders a little better, it don’t really look nice inside anyway, but it don’t stand out at least. And the outside looks a little better ^.^:

After that I started to sew on the front, and my fingers still hurted, so I took it slow XD, but here is the end result of the day:

(And please don’t mind the bathroom or various stuff hanging around XP)


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