I just love this guy! DEATHッ☆!

Well, the new character CDs from Kuroshitsuji II have hit the market, and the choosen ones this time was Grell Sutcliffe and William T. Spears (My two favorites XD)

William T. Spears (Sugiyama Noriaki)

When I listen to this guy I just think Ishida right away XD The curse of being a all time Bleach fan ^.^

But I liked the second song of this, the first one was a little… not William I think, it was also sort of boring. But the second song was ok, so it makes up a little for the first one.

1.Shinigami No Kintai Kanri

2.Kairitsu No Dorei

the next two songs are just the instrumentals.

Grell Sutcliffe (Fukuyama Jun)

I just love this voice! I first heard him in Bleach, and really didn’t think more over it, then I started with XXXholic, and this voice has since been most familliar to me as Watanuki XD I love the loud voiced screaming guy ^.^

Then I saw him as Grell, and right when he understands he is going to be beaten by Sebastian and starts to scream I still think :Watanuki!! But I love him as Grell as much as I love him as Watanuki XD

Well, back to the cd, the second song was a little too slow, but the first one… I love it!!!!! my new favorite song for a while. I was sold at the moment he screamed out DEATH!

1.Shinku (Deep Crimson)

2. Kill★In The Heaven

The last two ones are once more the instrumentals XD I have a feeling all japanese singles work this way XD

Well, I will leave it like this, and enjoy this extra thing:

PS: Anyone else looking forward to the new musical? The most beautiful DEATH in the world! I love the casting for William and Ronald, I just hope they are good at singing too XD


2 thoughts on “I just love this guy! DEATHッ☆!

  1. I am so excited for the new musical. ahah, I watched the first one and that was when i fell in love with the actor that played Sebby. :3
    So glad Yuya will be in it. ❤

    And the character songs are nice to listen to. Do you happen to know why there isn't one for Ciel?

    • I’m not sure, it is a little weird acctually… but maybe since she is well known it cost more to cast her to sing or something? Or maybe they didn’t think the fans wanted a Ciel cd?

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