Original Cosplay! Noin Celestine!

I am working with my first original Cosplay idea! It is my alter ego Noin Celestine, apprentice of the Destiny Lord (Yeah, I know only I will get that one XP)

My first design can be found here. But I have updated the idea a little, so the basic idea is this:

So the jacket itself is something that will have to wait until I have money, but I am going to start with the vest first. And I will continue with the rest when I get money.

I bought a pattern for a normal vest, but I will modify it as I go along XD The vest will be black (I even bought expensive fabric this time!) and the sides will be s deep red ^.^

I also found a japanese gothic magazine with a lot of great patterns. It wasn’t cheap, but I just wanted it. (And I felt a little bad for asking to tear the plastic off so I could see inside.) And I found at least two tings inside that I want to make, a really cute bunny, and a shirt that would be great for my Noin!


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