2nd try at the character designs

I have tried on the character designs for the second time. I decided to make the lead character a little older than I first intended too, since I don’t think the rest would make any sense if he were to young.

I found names for the two lead characters, and I am working on writing the story, and also on adding a bad guy. Since there is no good games without least one bad guy to help the plot thicken.

2nd try on Cian (Ancient):


Even thou I made him older, he still seems a little like a kid, but that is intended. As one is dark, a younger part can also represent the light from the older and darker self, and if you reunite the two parts, you will get a whole person, with both light and dark.

2nd try on Ryuunosuke (Dragon shell):


Ryuunosuke is one of the faceless ones, and what makes him different from the rest is that his mask is crumbling, and that is looked at as a disfigurement by the others, as they have never seen a face before. The faceless ones have masks as their face, some have of stone, some of diamond, and things like that, and most of them end up drawing on the surface, in the depths of their mind reaching out for the a identity long lost.

They live in the safest part of the crumbling world, the gravity bridge between them and the dark castle at the other side and a shield made by the lord of the castle keeping their town from getting dragged into the gravity field.

But it all slowly changes, as Ryuunosuke finds Cian, waking him up from a slumber the lord of the castle once put him into.


2 thoughts on “2nd try at the character designs

  1. I found the name Ryuunosuke in the charaters list of Rumiko Takahashi manga/anime series “Urusei Yatsura”. Did you find it there too? If so, you can make a reference to it! I also found “Ryūnosuke Akutagawa”, who is often cited as being the father of Japanese stories. His name means “dragon son”.

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ry%C5%ABnosuke_Akutagawa

    I googled “Cian”, and found a wikipedia reference to the name – meaning the ancient one in Irish folklore.


    Is it a conscious decision on you part, to use names from different cultures/folklores?

    I think the faceless ones are interesting. A mask-like face showing no character or sign of age, on which they draw scars of lost memories. Yet still they are afraid of Ryuunosuke’s crumbling mask, and the face that is revealed beneath. Is his mask crumbling as a result of finding and waking Cian, the ancient one?

    Why has Cian been put to sleep? Because he still retains memories from the crumbling world? In your idea for a game, can a player choose to take the path of either good or evil? What is the mission?

    What if the lord of the castle was not a lord at all, but a nature force/phenomenon, a gravitational force that is affected by the psyche of the beings that live under its influence. (Humans are great at personifying the forces of nature: Earth Mother, Sun God, etc).

    Then, what has happened to cause a rupture between those who remember, and the faceless ones that have forgotten? How is this connected to the world that is crumbling? Say there was a phenomenological shift in gravity caused by an exploding sun or something. A world was ripped apart. Much of the world was lost, but two parts of it survived, held together by a “bridge”.
    The shield could be a natural phenomenon, affected by fear and the re-awakening of memories from times gone by. So the dilemma – memory recall may cause the two remaining parts of the world to fall apart – to implode, be sucked into a black hole. But what is better to live as zombies, without memories or personalities, or to retain a sense of self and become extinct in the process ……

    hmmmmm ….. those are just my thoughts. You can tke them or leave them,



  2. Hmm… many questions, I think I will answer them with a new post=) then I don’t have to write so much on the comment=) then I can write about the game play too=)

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