A world bound by fear, and destroyed by memories

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H. P. Lovecraft.


Fear is a power that is can be stronger than any other human emotion, when we stand before something we fear, we can be unable to move, unable to even breath. Hearts can be stopped by fear and people can change into someone entierly different.

We go to movies to be scared, it is a fear that most of us can handle, some of us even like it, finding amusment when others are scared. We feel mighty when someone is scared of something we aren’t scared of. If you have a friend afraid of spiders, you might even use that to scare that person, not thinking much about what fear can do to people that feel it.

Some people might even be so afraid that they can’t move out of their house, they might not know just what they are afraid of, it is just something in their mind that won’t let them face the outside world. They can’t handle their fear…

But there is a fear that most of us share, that is with us all our life:

The fear of dying.

We see movies and read books about people who fear dying, we hear about people who wish to stay young forever, afraid of becoming old and to whiter away.

Then imagine, if someone could be consumed with this fear, forgetting everything around as it grew to something greater, a power enough to consume your own life and all those close to you.

But to never die is just an illusion, you will be safe for a little while, then when you are consumed in the darkness, slowly forgetting why you came there in the first place, you will soon forget your fear, and as you do, the darkness will be lifted and the world you created for yourself will fade.


This is the idea I have for the ‘Gravity Unlimited’ game I am going to make the concept for. A world created by the fear of dying, a gravity field pulling it hard apart as the person who feared death starts forgetting who he is and why he once feared it.

Fear keeps the world together, real or not, it is able to keep the creatures there alive, but as you go trough the game, and the lead character remembers who he once were, the world starts to crumble and fade.

The field that eats the world apart is the bridge that makes up the path to the other side where the character have to go to find out about himself. There he is lead to a strange castle by a woman dressed in a kimono (Japanese clothing). Inside the castle he stumbles upon rooms where the next is worse than the one before, each of them designed and molded to the memories that each room will grant him before he advances to the next floor.


One of the last rooms in the castle, the woman in kimono following slowly after the lead character as he advances to the next floor. This room shows suffering, the bodies that makes up some of the trees, the hand and foot in the water and the head trying to hold unto the branches of the tree. And from above, the eye of the past keeping an eye of all that is happening, the last source of the terrible fear not able to look away from the past.



Hehe, Hope I am not going to much away from the main point of the name ‘gravity unlimited’. It is just so fun to make stories with some of the story more in the mind than on the body.








2 thoughts on “A world bound by fear, and destroyed by memories

  1. No, that is not moving away from the topic. But your aim must be to show the psychological force of fear visually – as a gravitational force. (You can draw on physical experiences to do this … the mind and the body are not separate entities.) So each floor is a level. But you have a hard task. Are you dealing with memories that the player accumulates within the game itself – by moving through different levels? If so, how will you cater for the connection between the game and the player RL experiences and imagination to make the game-memories “real” to the player?

    Your sketch is surreal in genre. What genre is your game? You don’t have to answer these questions now. They are just meant as food for thought.

  2. I decided to make a horror game 😛 since I thought most of the class would aim for something more fantasy or sci fi like ^.^
    But I will think more about the rest of the questions=)

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