I got bored in the weekend, and decided to watch a lot of anime, I started with finishing Code Geass… and I will hate myself forever for doing that! (Watch and understand…) after that I didn’t really know what to do, I were downloading other animes, but couldn’t quite find something really interesting to watch.

Then, after I had tried to start on Onegai twins (Continuation of Onegai Teacher) I tried Mononoke (Not the Ghibli movie! That is Princess Mononoke) I love japanese ghost stories and all their wonderful creatures, so I loved the anime, and I loved the art style, as it is a mix of a stylized feudal Japan, and Art Nouveau styles.

Anyway, Mononoke is a spin-off of the “Bakeneko” arc from the anthology series Ayakashi, a anime that based on various Japanese ghost stories, the anime Mononoke is mostly the same, it unfolds around a medicine seller, who seems to mysteriously appear anywhere there is a Mononoke (Japanese demon or ghost) with a grudge against humans.

He carries with him a case he claims to hold medicines, but he also have a great amount of children toy weights (He uses them to know where the Mononoke is) many things you really can’t see what is, and some old and questionable japanese books. His most treasured belonging is a sword, that he can only use when he knows three things about the Mononoke, the shape (Katachi), truth (Makoto) and regret (Kotowari) behind why it has gone from a ghost to a demon. When he has all these, he can fight them, changing into another and stronger being.

Bakeneko is the first creature he fights in the Ayakashi, it is a cat monster that has grown into something that can kill because the woman that had taken care of it had been brutally killed by a man that kidnaped her before her wedding. When it comes to Japanese ghosts and spirits, the feeling they have when they die can decided what is to come for them, if they die with a terrible rage, that rage can turn into a curse against all humans in general, or just the people that caused the rage. Mononoke is creatures that feed on these human emotions, from living or dead humans, they can use it to get stronger.

If you want to know more about Japanese ghosts and spirits, this site has a lot :

And I can’t talk about interesting anime design without showing pictures, here is some pictures I took from the anime, nothing of this belongs to me, it was made by Toei animation and Kenji Nakamura.

The medicine seller:
medicineseller2 medicineseller3 medicineseller1

With sword released:

release1 release2 release3

I could of course post pictures of the scenery too, but there is too much weird sceneries to choose from…

Another thing with this anime that is really gnawing at my nerves… You never get to know anything about the medicine seller, just that he sells medicines and has a morbid sense of humor… not even his name is given though the anime. But one thing is quite clear, even thou he can be seen by humans and appear human, he clearly isn’t human. He has long elf like ears, fangs and at the three last episodes of the series, a great time has gone by, yet he hasn’t aged at all.

I recomend this anime to everyone=) And I also post a picture I drew today, I will try to color it on photoshop later.



4 thoughts on “Mononoke

  1. Hello!

    I was born in Yokohama, but taken to England when I was just 1 year old. I have been fascinated with Japan ever since, and have a couple of opportunities, through my work, to revisit the country. What appeals to me regarding Japanese ghosts is that they are, or can be, quite beautiful. A kind of beauty in horror experience that makes me empathic to the ghosts. The ghost in the film The Grudge, for example, is like looking into a mirror – into the psyche of the characters in the film ……. looking, as if through the eyes of the characters …. reflecting their hopes and dreams, but perhaps most importantly, their fears. Could you pick up on this in your assignment … fear as a kind of gravtiational force. Just an idea! Amanda.

  2. I envy you a lot ^.^ I want to visit Japan too, but I don’t know if I will ever get the chance…
    But to use the fear as a gravitational force would be really fun, I am just not really sure how ^.^but I will try my best.

    One of my favorite japanese ghost stories are Yuki-Onna… I don’t know why, but there is just something about the story, I also love the modern Urban legends. I usually surf the net for more, but it is hard to find more than Kuchisake-onna and Hanako-san… it would be fun to find out about the newest ones too, since I use horror in some of the stories I write^.^

  3. I was thinking about the way fear kind of functions like a gravitational force, drawing everything to it. An example could be the paranoia that was caused by 9/11. There are many people who are, amongst other things, afraid of flying after this event. So perhaps in your story there could be an event equatable to this in your imaginary world ……… just a thought …

  4. Hm… I’ll take that into consideration when I write the story=)
    I thought of the reason for the gravity force that is taking that world apart, maybe something that happend in that worlds past could have caused a feeling or memory so great that it pulls it apart. Or something like that XP

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