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I am a person that likes to make music videos when I have the material and the chance for it, and like many others, my domain is Anime music videos. is my site on youtube, and you won’t find anything else than music videos there. Some of the series that I have made of is xxxholic and Tsubasa by clamp, Trinity blood, bleach and a lot of Kingdom hearts…

Series: Bleach

Song: Soul Society – Kamelot

this is the first one I posted, it was a few years ago and I really never had any special thoughts about the video. But it seems to be one of the most popular I have…

Views: 45,086 Comments: 73 Favorited: 375 times

stats never lie… peopled loved it more than me.

Series: Trinity Blood

Song: Amazing – Aerosmith

I love the anime Trinity Blood, the series are based on a science fiction book series. It involves vampires and it is 900 years after armageddon. The humans and vampires share earth, but they don’t get along, and at the Vatican side of the fight, there is a being that feeds on the blood of vampires. If you don’t like anime, at least get the books=) They are comming out in english now.

Views: 4,291 Comments: 13 Favorited: 39 times

Series: xxxholic

Song: Time is running out – Muse

I love this one, the song so match the half mad personality of Watanuki (The one with glasses and a frustrated face) It is from both the movie and the anime, and I so look forward to the second season of the anime, and I hope they will have in the main story this time=)

Views: 1,322 Comments: 12 Favorited: 32 times


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